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March 11,2024

Best Plus Size Swimwear: Discovering Wholesale Swimwear Brands for Plus size Women


Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident, especially when it comes to plus size swimwear. For plus-size women, finding the perfect swimsuit that offers both comfort and style can be a challenging task. The importance of feeling good in what you wear is paramount—it can boost your confidence and make your beach or pool experience unforgettable. With the rise in popularity of plus-size fashion, there are now more options than ever before—options that celebrate curves and offer flattering designs without compromising on comfort or style.

In the vibrant landscape of fashion, inclusivity has emerged as a pivotal aspect. The rise in plus-size fashion is a testament to this shift—an evolution that reflects an industry-wide recognition of diverse body types and styles. As retailers and dropshippers, it's crucial to align with this trend by offering your customers a range of stylish plus-size swimwear options from leading wholesale brands.

Rosy Strappy Hollow-out Back Plus Size Tankini

Torrid: Celebrating Every Curve

Torrid isn't just a brand; it's an emblematic representation of empowerment for plus-sized women. Their collection boasts one-piece swimsuits designed with flattering cuts that beautifully embrace and enhance curves. As you explore their wholesale offerings, you'll find designs reflecting their commitment to celebrating every body type—making them an excellent choice for your business.

Lane Bryant: Timeless Elegance Redefined

Lane Bryant brings back classic elegance with their high-waisted bikini sets—a timeless beauty radiating from each piece. Crafted from exceptional quality materials, these pieces subtly accentuate curves while complementing various body types. Offering Lane Bryant’s swimwear can cater to those customers who seek elegance in simplicity.

Fiery Red Strappy Neck Detail High Waist Plus Size Swimsuit

City Chic Online: Modern Sophistication at its Best

City Chic Online strikes the perfect chord between modern design elements and sophisticated style—their sexy monokinis are prime examples of this balance. They exude class without compromising on contemporary style elements—an ideal pick for those seeking unique yet classy swimwear styles in your store or online platform.

Ashley Stewart: Vibrant Patterns Meet Youthful Designs

Ashley Stewart infuses life into youthful designs using vibrant patterns—their tropical print tankini top paired with matching briefs is testimony to this approach. These playful prints add flair while enhancing confidence by helping wearers stand out—a perfectly aligned style option for today's trendsetters.

Greenish Strappy Hollow-out Back Plus Size Tankini

Avenue: Comfort Meets Versatility

Avenue believes comfort shouldn't come at the cost of style—a belief reflected brilliantly in their versatile swimdress. Suitable for both casual and formal settings, this piece can be paired with different accessories, allowing your customers to personalize their look depending on the occasion.

Standing Out with 66Disco Wholesale Swimwear

66Disco takes a unique approach towards plus-size swimwear by blending innovation, quality, affordability, and style into one irresistible package—their collection features several standout pieces such as their color-block one-piece swimsuit or floral print bikini set which not only offer great value but also bring something new to the table when compared against other renowned brands mentioned above.

Leopard Animal Print Drawstring Ruffled Plus Size Beach Cover-up

66Disco Brand Advantages for Retailers and Dropshippers

As you explore wholesale options, don’t overlook 66Disco—an innovative player in the market that offers unique benefits. Known for its affordability, unique designs, high-quality materials, and inclusive sizing range; it stands as an ideal choice for retailers and dropshippers seeking variety & value-for-money options. Its diverse collection caters to a wide customer base while ensuring competitive pricing—making it stand out from other brands in the wholesale swimwear market.


The increasing inclusivity in fashion means that every woman can find plus-size swimwear that suits her needs and style perfectly—so why wait? Dive into these brands, explore their collections, and discover your ideal beach ensemble today! Remember: confidence is always the best outfit—and these brands are here to help you shine it even brighter.

Multicolor Plus Size Rainbow Tie-dye Tankini

From Torrid's confidence-boosting styles to Lane Bryant's timeless elegance; City Chic Online's modern sophistication; Ashley Stewart’s vibrant patterns; Avenue’s comfort-focused designs—and finally—the unique advantages offered by 66Disco—there is an array of options available for plus-size women seeking stylish swimwear. As retailers or dropshippers committed to inclusivity in fashion, embracing these wholesale brands can help diversify your offerings while catering perfectly to the needs and styles of every woman who visits your store or online platform.