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December 24,2023

Wholesale Plus Size Women's Shirts
Trends come and go, but one thing remains true in the fashion industry: diversity and inclusivity are here to stay. The approach businesses once took, limiting their audience to a singular, exclusionary perception of beauty, has altered dramatically. When we talk about diversity in clothing, we don't just mean different shades of pastel for spring. We mean embracing a variety of body sizes and shapes, with a particular focus on the flourishing plus-size realm. This article will guide you through the dynamic world of wholesale plus-size women's shirts, more specifically, the vibrant blouses perfect for any spring setting.

The Rise of Plus-Size Fashion 

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Every person regardless of their size, deserves to feel beautiful and celebrated. The rise of plus-size fashion is fierce and fabulous - making significant strides to provide amazing styles in larger sizes. It's about more than just clothes; it's about changing perceptions, promoting body positivity, and above all, equal representation. Simultaneously, novel trends such as drop shipping are revolutionizing the industry and it has certainly not missed the plus-size clothing market.

The Business Perspective 

From an account manager's viewpoint, we grasp the evolving trends in the fashion industry and pay heed to providing our clients - you, the retailer or drop shipper - with the products that satisfy consumer demands. Recognizing the shift towards plus-size fashion and understanding the demographics is key to making informed decisions. 

Green Printed Plus Size Chest Pocket Plaid Shirt

Seasonal Trends: Spring Blouses 

As we move into the spring season, we shift focus to the versatile piece that is the blouse. A staple of any wardrobe, what makes blouses specifically attractive in larger sizes are the comfort and style they offer. Loose cuts, breathy materials, and floral prints make for an appealing combination. 

Picture this, a beautiful chiffon blouse styled by the flourishing cherry blossom trees – now that’s a sight worth beholding. Certain fabrics like cotton, linen, and viscose are particularly in favor of their airy attributes, giving every plus-size beauty the comfort they deserve while looking effortlessly stylish.

Our 66Disco range especially features chic, trendy, and plus-size-friendly blouses designed for spring. Created with love and care, they define what comfortable fashion should be for every woman.

Light French Beige Plus Size Puff Sleeve Tied Tunic Shirt

Why Retailers and Drop Shippers Should Invest in Plus-Size Spring Blouses 

If you’re doubting the potential of the plus-size clothing sector, let me assure you, that plus-size fashion is not a passing trend, but a lucrative business expanse waiting to be explored seriously. Over 67% of American women are now wearing plus-size clothing, presenting a tremendous growth opportunity. The demand is there; what matters is how we cater to it.

How to Effectively Market and Sell Plus-Size Spring Blouses 

While a product's quality is critical, understanding your customer and marketing effectively can make all the difference. A genuine approach that truly empathizes with plus-size customers will undoubtedly win their loyalty. Platforms like social media and online communities can be leveraged to engage with this audience, where they can feel represented, heard, and valued.


Diversity in fashion is no longer negotiable; it's the norm. Plus-size clothing is making its mark and refusing to be sidelined. As retailers and drop shippers, investing in wholesale plus-size women's shirts, especially those airy, trendy blouses for spring, is an opportunity presenting itself right at your doorstep. 

Call to Action 

Now, it's your turn to take action. Step up your game, review your collection, and include more inclusive sizes. Women all across the spectrum are ready for the taking—they're waiting for you.

Here at 66Disco, we're always ready to provide our retailers and drop shippers with a wider variety of fashionable plus-size clothing – all year round, across all seasons. Commence your journey into inclusive fashion with us now. You've got the market, we've got the clothes. Let's give every woman a spring to remember!