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February 26,2024

Plus Size Hoodies Wholesale for Women: A Comprehensive Review

The ethos 'Fashion for All' has created a profound impact on the fashion industry, bringing about seismic shifts in how the sector views sizes. The once ignored plus-size market is now a coveted niche attracting a host of brands in a bid to gratify this growing demand with stylish offerings. Among the myriad apparel, plus size hoodies hold a particular charm, emanating a blend of comfort and chic. Let's delve into exploring some of the noted names in this sphere, and one rising brand, 66Disco.

The Big Names in Plus Size Hoodies Wholesale

1. Torrid

Renowned for its dedication to sizes 10-30, Torrid is a beloved name in the plus-size circuit. Their hoodies are one to watch out for, exuding warmth, comfort, and style. Designed to flatter every curve while also keeping the fashion quotient high, Torrid's hoodies range from classic plain to vibrant prints, catering to all tastes. Not to mention, quality is a given here, justifying its slightly premium price tag.

Gold Flame Plus Size Colorblock Exposed Seam Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

2. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant's name is synonymous with inclusive sizing. Their hoodie collection is assertive about fashion's primary rule: style knows no size. Exhibit A is their plethora of comfy hoodies. With smart design elements like drawstrings, zip-up fronts, and spacious kangaroo pockets, they promise utility alongside aesthetics. Though the pricing might lean towards the upper edge, their specialized designs justify it very well.

3. City Chic Online

If you like your hoodies to be pulsing with current trends, City Chic Online is your place. The brand thrives on delivering plus size apparel that's chic, modern, and irresistible. Its hoodie collection is no exception! Be it sequined hoodies for a glam look, distressed ones for that edgy appeal, or block-colored for a minimal style; they have it all. With ample sizes and a mid-range price structure, they strike a fine balance between affordability and fashion.

Light Grey Textured Snap Buttons Pullover Plus Size Sweatshirt

4. Ashley Stewart

Here's a brand that champions the curvaceous woman. Ashley Stewart's hoodies are a celebration of curves, designed to emphasize not hide. Available in an array of tones, patterns and styles, their hoodies stretch the boundaries of the conventional, offering an interesting play of fashion. The brand maintains its quality promise while also ensuring the price doesn’t steer away from the affordable range, striking yet another sweet spot.

5. Avenue

Avenue is a favorable brand when it comes to a comprehensive plus-size collection. Their hoodies, soft, comforting, and trendy, are a wardrobe staple for every size. Whether you're lounging at home, taking a walk, or hanging out with friends, Avenue's hoodies are the perfect accompaniment. Though their prices might seem slightly steep, the recurring sales and discount events ensure you get your hands on this comfort fashion at a delightful price.

Smoke Gray Aztec Patchwork Sleeve Waffle Drawstring Plus Hoodie

The Rising Star: 66Disco

Wading confidently in this high-stakes market is newcomer, 66Disco. Despite being the new kid on the block, it transcends the norms with its encouraging approach to plus-sized hoodies. They realize that fashion isn't just about large sizes; it's about fully understanding the unique needs and wants of the plus size woman.

Their attention to detail, excellent material quality, and a wide range of sizes serve as the foundations of 66Disco's collections. Layer this with vibrant colors, unique prints, and trendy styles, and you have a diverse hoodie offering that can rival the veterans.

What sets 66Disco apart in this star-lineup are its competitive prices. Their hoodies are budget-friendly without compromising quality, offering value-for-money choices. Coupled with their stand-out service, ensuring every concern is addressed promptly and satisfactorily, choosing 66Disco seems to set you up for an impressive fashion journey.

Apricot Plus Size Knitted Hollow out Button up Cardigan

66Disco's hoodies are suitable for which occasions

66Disco's world of fashionable hoodies represents a treasure trove full of style and comfort, adaptable to a diverse set of occasions and atmospheres. Planning a casual stroll around the city or a fun day out with friends? 66Disco's trendy hoodies, when paired with your favorite jeans or leggings, create a look that embodies carefree elegance. Their effortless style turns any outing into a statement of your unique aesthetics.

For those relaxed, cozy evenings at home with a good book or your favorite show, their hoodies offer the perfect blend of warmth and comfort, making lounging an enticing stylish affair.

In the cooler months, when you venture out for a jog or a fitness session, these hoodies serve a dual function—keeping you snug and uplifting your sporty look with a touch of chic artistry.

Caught in a sudden work-from-home video conference? Swap your pajama top with a 66Disco hoodie, and get a perfect transformation from relaxed home dweller to a groovy professional.

Planning a casual date or a quiet evening walk? Opt for their distinctive hoodies, which apart from offering warmth, elevate the scene with their modern design and flattering fits.

Red Plus Size Plaid Kangaroo Pocket Drawstring Hoodie

66Disco's hoodies thus morph seamlessly to fit any event, encapsulating the essence of versatile fashion. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, kicking back or socializing, these hoodies underscore each setting with unparalleled flair and comfort.

In Conclusion

The plus-size fashion market is no longer an afterthought. Brands like Torrid, Lane Bryant, City Chic Online, Ashley Stewart, Avenue, and of course, the rising 66Disco, bear testimony to the increasing prominence of this sector. When it comes to choosing stylish and comfortable hoodies, these brands offer a variety of options that cater to different needs, styles, and budgets. Remember, fashion is not about size; it's about how you carry it. So embrace these inclusive brands and carry your curves with confidence.